Association of American Geographers
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"Geography is the only subject that asks you to look at the world and try to make sense of it. The field never stops being exciting because that's what geography is all about - trying to make sense of the world."

  --Peirce F. Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Geography
Pennsylvania State University

You want to understand the world. Why not start with a river, a city, a mountain, a village, a road, and follow it to the ends of the earth? Geography asks the big questions — Where? How? Why? What if? — and gives you the perspective to answer them with advanced technology and a solid knowledge of the world in which we all live.

  • Manage natural and urban environments
  • Analyze the evolving relationship between people and places
  • Plan transportation routes
  • Investigate sustainable land use worldwide
  • Create Geographic Management Systems for industries and government agencies
  • Help understand and restore natural ecosystems
  • and much, much more ... Geographers make a difference!