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AAG Publication Award

Deadline: September 15, yearly

The AAG Publication Award is conferred in recognition of exceptional and outstanding contributions to the discipline by publishers.

One AAG Publication Award may be recommended each year by the AAG Honors Committee, but the award is not necessarily given every year. Note that eligible recipients are publishers, not individual authors. The AAG Media Achievement Award and the AAG Publications Award are selected by the AAG Honors Committee

To make a nomination: Nominations are invited from: individual AAG members, specialty groups, affinity groups, departments, and other interested parties.  Please submit a letter nominating a publisher outlining the rationale for the recognition to Candida Mannozzi at with “AAG Publication Award” in the subject line to ensure that the message is properly and swiftly processed.  Digital nominations are preferred, and nomination materials that are emailed as a single attachment as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file are greatly appreciated.  Alternatively, nominations may be faxed to 202-234-2744 or mailed to AAG Honors, Association of American Geographers, 1710 Sixteenth Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009-3198

Although letters of support are not required for a nomination, nomination dossiers may include co-signatures or up to 5 letters documenting the nominee publisher's contributions to and impact on geography as they relate to the purpose of the award.

AAG Publication Award Recipients

The Conference of Latin American Geography, for its publication of the Journal of Latin American Geography

John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. for their extraordinary support in the publication of the landmark 15-volume work, International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, and Technology, the most comprehensive and authoritative resource available for the discipline of Geography as a whole.

Temple University Press
, for its continued commitment to and excellence in publishing insightful, thorough, and well-written scholarship and research in geography and urban studies since its founding in 1969.

The University of California Press, for their long-term commitment to publishing excellent research in geography going back over a hundred years to 1913.

Esri, Environmental Systems Research Institute, in recognition of its on-going dedication to facilitating access to and dissemination of geographic literature through publications.

Routledge, for its long-term commitment to geography and for its sustained efforts to enhance the quality and international reach of its journals and other publications

Pion, Ltd, in recognition and appreciation of more than four decades of support for geographical scholarship and publishing across the entire field of human geography, including GIScience.

Victor H. Winston and Bellwether Publishing, for his many years of service as a rare combination of scholar and publisher and in recognition of more than 50 years of sustained publisher support for the discipline through production of outstanding geography journals.

George F. Thompson, for an appreciation of the seminal themes in geography and for a strong and continuing commitment to the encouragement of creative scholarship on the American landscape.

The University of Chicago Press for exceptional support of scholarship through its series on the history of cartography and consistent publication of high quality monographs and books for undergraduate and graduate students and research and teaching faculty.

Rand McNally and Company of Chicago, Illinois, for Rand McNally’s long-term association with professional geography, as reflected in the production of quality maps, atlases, and globes, and in the company’s support for geographic education.