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AAG Honors and Awards

recognize students, faculty, and professionals for their accomplishments and contributions 

Association of American Geographers Honors are the highest awards offered by the Association of American Geographers. They are offered annually to recognize outstanding accomplishments by members in research & scholarship, teaching, education, service to the discipline, public service outside academe and for lifetime achievement. 

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The AAG Presidential Achievement Award was established by the AAG Council to recognize individuals who have made long-standing and distinguished contributions to the discipline of geography. Up to two individuals may be recognized each year. 

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The AAG Atlas Award is designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding accomplishments that advance world understanding in exceptional ways. The image of Atlas bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders is a powerful metaphor for this award program, as our nominees are those who have taken the weight of the world on their shoulders and moved it forward, whether in science, politics, scholarship, the arts, or in war and peace. 

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Every year the AAG designates an individual as that year's AAG Honorary Geographer as a way of recognizing excellence in research, teaching, or writing on geographic topics by nongeographers.   

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The AAG E.Willard and Ruby S. Miller Award recognizes members of the Association who have made truly outstanding contributions to the geographic field due to their special competence in teaching or research 

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The AAG Enhancing Diversity Award honors geographers who have pioneered efforts toward or actively participated in efforts toward encouraging a more diverse discipline over the course of several years. The award is presented at the Awards Luncheon during the AAG's Annual Conference. 

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The Meredith F. Burrill Award was established to commemorate Meredith “Pete” Burrill’s many and varied contributions to the profession of geography as an academic, senior government official, and officer of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). 

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The Glenda Laws Award recognizes outstanding contributions to geographic research on social issues and is administered by the Association of American Geographers and endorsed by members of the Institute of Australian Geographers, the Canadian Association of Geographers, and the Institute of British Geographers. 

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The James R. Anderson Medal of Honor in Applied Geography was the highest honor bestowed by the AAG Applied Geography Specialty Group. It was awarded by the group's board of directors in recognition of highly distinguished service to the profession of geography.

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The biannual William L. Garrison Award for Best Dissertation in Computational Geography supports innovative research into the computational aspects of geographic science. The award is intended to arouse a more general and deeper understanding of the important role that advanced computation can play in resolving the complex problems of space–time analysis that are at the core of geographic science. 

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J.Warren Nystrom Fund was established by former AAG Executive Director J. Warren Nystrom supports an annual prize for a paper based upon a recent dissertation in geography.   

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The Marble-Boyle Undergraduate Achievement Awards in Geographic Science aim to recognize excellence in academic performance by undergraduate students from the United States and Canada who are putting forth a strong effort to bridge geographic science and computer science as well as to encourage other students to embark upon similar programs. 

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The Harold M. Rose Award for Anti-Racism Research and Practice honors geographers who have a demonstrated record of the type of research and active contributions to society that have marked Harold Rose’s career. The award will be given to those who have served to advance the discipline through their research, and who have also had on impact on anti-racist practice. 

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The AAG International Geographic Information Fund provides one or more small awards in recognition of outstanding student papers in any area of spatial analysis or geographic information science or systems that was given at a national and international conference.

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