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Editors, Editorial Board and Production team

The Annals of the AAG has four editors, each of whom serve a four year term, and are responsible for articles in one of the four thematic areas. An Editorial Board assists with editorial responsibilities, while staff from the AAG and Taylor & Francis manage various aspects of the production process.


Physical Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
       David R. Butler, Texas State University

Geographic Methods
       Ling Bian, University at Buffalo

Nature and Society
       Katie Meehan, King's College London

       Brian King, The Pennsylvania State University

Human Geography
       Kendra Strauss, Simon Fraser University

       Brian King, The Pennsylvania State University

Cartography Editor

Stephen Hanna, University of Mary Washington

American Association of Geographers team

Jennifer Cassidento, Publications Director and Managing Editor

Taylor & Francis team

Katie Gezi, Managing Editor
Lea Cutler, Production Manager

Editorial Board

Majed Akhter; King's College London
Faisal Anzah, Kuwait University
Jennifer Baka; Pennsylvania State University
Joshua Barkan; University of Georgia
Sarah Battersby, Tableau Software
Linda Beale, ESRI
Matthew Bekker, Brigham Young University
Alana Boland, University of Toronto
Christopher Bone, University of Victoria
Carissa Brown, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Michaela Buenemann, New Mexico State University
Madelaine C. Cahuas, University of Minnesota
Paolo Cardullo, Universitat Oberta de Catalonia
Noel Castree, University of Manchester
Dawna Cerney, Youngstown State University
I-Chun Catherine Chang, Macalester College
Wendy Cheng, Scripps College
Jason Chilvers, University of East Anglia
Andrew Curley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Andrew Curtis, Kent State University
Michelle Daigle, University of Toronto
Juan De Lara, University of Southern California
Kate D. Derickson, University of Minnesota
Christabel Devadoss, Middle Tennessee State University
Sarah Elwood, University of Washington
Mabel Gergan, Vanderbilt University
Jen Jack Gieseking, University of Kentucky
Jianya Gong, Wuhan University
Michael Goodchild, University of California, Santa Barbara
Cynthia Gorman, West Virginia University
Daniel A. Griffith, University of Texas at Dallas
Kevin Grove, Florida International University
Bartosz Grudzinski, Miami University
Heidi Hausermann, Colorado State University
Natalie Haussmann, University of Pretoria
Nik Heynen, University of Georgia
Youqin Huang, University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY)
Brian Jefferson, University of Illinois at Urbana
Wendy Jepson, Texas A&M University
Lawrence Kiage, Georgia State University
Mei-Po Kwan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Rebecca Lave, Indiana University
Mary Lawhon, University of Edinburgh
Amy M. Lerner, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Lin Liu, University of Cincinnati
Jamie Lorimer, University of Oxford
Yongmei Lu, Texas State University
Francis J. Magilligan, Dartmouth College
Eric Magrane, New Mexico State University
Ross H. Martin, Jacksonville State University
James McCarthy, Clark University
Kimberly Meitzen, Texas State University
Harvey J. Miller, The Ohio State University
Cary J. Mock, University of South Carolina
Sharlene Mollett, University of Toronto
Todd W. Moore, Fort Hays State University
Larissa Naylor, University of Glasgow
Kathleen Nicoll, University of Utah
Emma Norman, Northwest Indian College
Karen O’Brien, University of Oslo
David O’Sullivan, Victoria University of Wellington
Trushna Parekh, Texas Southern University
Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia and Western Sydney University
Laura Pulido, University of Oregon
Thomas F. Purcell, King's College London
Malini Ranganathan, American University
Martin Raubal, ETH Zurich
Lynn M. Resler, Virginia Tech
Sergio Rey, University of California, Riverside
Paul Robbins, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Fausto O. Sarmiento, University of Georgia
Carol F. Sawyer, University of South Alabama
Rashad Shabazz, Arizona State University
Zehao Shen, Peking University
Alex Singleton, University of Liverpool
Seth E. Spielman, University of Colorado Boulder
Paul Torrens, New York University
Gabriela Valdivia, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Le Wang, University at Buffalo
Marion Werner, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Cherie Westbrook, University of Saskatchewan
Clayton J. Whitesides, Coastal Carolina University
Chaowei Yang, George Mason University
Emily T. Yeh, University of Colorado Boulder
Eun-Hye Yoo, University at Buffalo
Matthew Zook, University of Kentucky

Editorial and production teams

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