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The AAG Review of Books was launched in 2013. Book reviews were formerly published in the AAG’s flagship journals, Annals of the AAG and The Professional Geographer, but these were brought together in one place in order to offer greater scope for discussion and consideration of new texts.

Books – of different formats – remain at the heart of geographic scholarship. Not only as a way to disseminate ideas and research, but also as sources of inspiration which may come from (well) beyond the discipline of geography, to include books of poetry, works of fiction, and visual imagery.

The AAG Review of Books contains scholarly reviews of current books which are either geographic in sensitivities, or which are reviewed and interpreted through the multiple lenses that geography offers. The journal offers a number of different formats, including the standard review of one book, a review essay in which the reviewer reflects upon a number of books on a particular theme, and the book review fora where multiple contributors discuss a newly published text.

The AAG Review of Books takes diversity seriously, and steps to do so include space to review and promote non-English language texts, seeking books and reviewers beyond the traditional publishing houses and academic institutions, and speaking to contemporary debates and socio-political contexts. The Editor would be happy to receive ideas of additional ways to represent the breadth and diversity of geographical scholarship. 

The AAG Review of Books is published quarterly (January, April, July and October), in an online format only. Each new issue makes two reviews freely available, and all content becomes free after one year.


Book review solicitation

Book reviews are written on invitation from the editorial office, although the Editor does welcome suggestions, particularly those pertaining to geographically significant works written by scholars in other disciplines.

To suggest a recently-published book for review or to volunteer to review a new book, please contact the Editor.

If you have been invited to review a book for the journal please consult the following documents regarding manuscript preparation and style:


AAG Review of Books Humboldt Book Award

The AAG Review of Books Humboldt Book Award for Enduring Scholarship in Geography was established to recognize a single book reviewed in the AAG Review of Books (AAGRB), judged to be a work that not only represents geographic scholarship at its best, but a book that also promises enduring scholarly value and importance. The selection of the AAG Review of Books Humboldt Book Award for Enduring Scholarship in Geography will be made every four years, from the books reviewed in the AAGRB during the prior four years. 

The inaugural winner in 2016 was Geoffrey Martin for his monumental book, “American Geography and Geographers: Toward Geographical Science." Read more in the Press Release.

Editorial and production teams

Find out about the Editor, Editorial Board and Production team responsible for The AAG Review of Books


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