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A New Map of Standardized Terrestrial Ecosystems of Africa

Published by the AAG in 2013 as full-color special supplement to the African Geographical Review, this booklet presents a new set of maps of the terrestrial ecosystems and vegetation of Africa.

This special publication is the result of the efforts of a team of African and U.S. scientists who collaborated worked on a hierarchical vegetation classification that would provide a standardized way of mapping ecosystems across the continent.

This work was a collaboration between the AAG, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the African Specialty Group of the AAG, with additional contributions from NatureServe and the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources and Development (Kenya).

The data sets used to produce the maps are freely available online from USGS and the booklet is free to download:

Low resolution PDF booklet (1.5 MB)

High resolution PDF booklet (17.8 MB)